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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 23, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now some vre passengers are finally moving again after being stuck on the tracks for hours. the government is makin tweaks that's gotten so much attention heading into the busy holiday period. > and the when and where of the upcomingoyal wedding has been updated. "news 4" midday begins right now. good morning and welcome to "news 4" midday. i'm pat lawson muse. barbara harrison is off today. it's november 23rd, 10.
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mayor problems for vre. a broke down train strands hundreds of passengers for hours. "news 4" megan is live for us. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning, pat. it was a tough morning for passengers of vre when a commute broke down on the manassas line. there were hundred ares of folks literally stuck on this train. they were stranded while everything was word out. the good news is all the trains have been cleared from the area. people are making their way be it late --o work via taxes or buses. you had a couple of things go wrong. >> we had a couple of tngs work against us this morning. our first train 328 had a locomotive failure. we coupled that with 330. that made a 14-car train set, which is a very lon train set in our system. it was being pushed by one locomotive. as it came in and over the ridge at burke and made its way into
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the station it recorded it had a brake failure. until we got that resolved we couldn't go any rther. we started calling buses, we started calling cabs, whatever we could do. we opened up the metro option to try to move as many people as possible we sent out staff to try to help in that deliberation. mechanical crews got here. it took about 40 minutes in total to get that resolved. we got it working again, got the train out. there was another one, 332 waiting behind to come into the station. a short way along it was a long hour and a half for some of our commuters. we were able to get them to their work or in certain cases people wanted to smply go home. we allowed that to happen. we put them in cabs and took them home. >> reporter: you had another situation where there was a freight train that was blocking an alternative route, right? >> normally on this particular line there's two lines. normally we would come around them and continue to keep our
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operatio but with a broken down train, we couldn't get around them. we were stuck. >> reporter: bottom line, though, everything has been cleared. is this going to have any impact on the evening. >> this shouldn have any impact. we should run full service this evening. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. again, you have heard there are a lot of folks. over a thousand people stranded for a time. it was a very, ve long time for people. we're no longer seeing any of the passenrs here, so it looks like everybody has gone on to their destination or quite frankly some have decided to bag it and go home. they did it in a variety of ways. packed a cab. others found their way over to a metro station. the hope here is everythg will be back to normal for the rush hour come munlt this evening. pat, back to you. >> let's hope so. thanks a lot. it was a scary scen in the
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district as a teenager was shot in the leg. this happened in the 2200 block of otis. the injury appears to be non-life-threatening. there's no word yet on the victim's age or gender and the police have no motive for this shooting. a new tsa public service anuncement is out this morning encouraging passengers to cooperate with new security measures. it wilplay in airrts around the country during this busy travel week. the message comes on the eve of a new watch street post that shows nearly two-thirds of americans supporthe use of full body scanners, but controversy are contins over hand pat-down procedures. over half believe the hand schs go too far. "news 4's" tracee wilns is at reagan national airport and has more on that story very there are a couple of ways you could end up with one of these pat-downs.
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first of all if you trip the metal detectors or decide not go through the full body scan, you'll get one of these intimate sc scans everybody is talking about. it looks like the government was randomly patting dowpassengers and now they're talking about changing that. at many airports across the nation like here at reagan national there are a few options. thfull body scan or the highly publy sided pat-down. while there have been talks of boycotting scabs on the internet. washington paeshlgs we spoke with here say they don't care. >> we don't have an opinion on it. we don't care either way. >> we don't care either way. >> it's cessary, either way, for oursafety, so that's my opinion of it. >> the reaction falls in line with the new "washington post" poll showing that mst passengers don't objec to the new security. those who do have a problem have
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swayed e government. >> as we move forward, of course, we will listen to concerns. of course, we will make adstments or changes when called upon, but not changes or adjustments that will affect the basic operational capability that we need to have to make sure that air travel remains safe. >> government officials are reminding the public that after the shoe bombe and the underwear bomber, the threat of terrorists targeting commercial flights is still very real. >> it was a busy travel holiday period last year after christmas, less than a year ago, that farouk tall lob tried to blow up a plane. >> i'm unhappy with it. i'm in the demographic that should be so i don't have any problems with ittal all. >> reporter: tsa officials are reminding people that only 1 in 100 get the pat-down. less than 30% of the folks who
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fly. they're asking passengers to cooperate and be patient. tracee wilkins, "news 4" new today, the royals have a spring wedding across the pond planned. prince william and kate middleton will wed at westminster abbey on friday are, april 29. that's where the princess's funeral took place. they've declared the date a public holiday. the ceremony will be broadcast around the world and the world will be wating. we're watching the weather outside right now. take a look. the day got off to a mild and cloudy start. we'reeeing the sun peak through. tom kierein is here with the latest on the day as we prepare for thanksgiving. >> this is a g travel day, too, for a lot of folks thinking about trying to beat the big travel day tomorrow. we do have settled weather here for now. if you're heading north,
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northeast, we should run into rain. right now, when you see the area in blue, that is rain. getting light rain pulling out into washington county, pulling into frederick county, maryland. south of there, too, northern shenandoah valley. sprinkles a little farther to the south and west and there's more rain inest virginia. now, the temperatures are mild. we're climbing into the 60s. now it's in the low to mid-60s to the low and metro area. it's only in the 5s rght now. so these are probably going to be the highs for the day today. we're having much colder air. look at that. columbus, ohio, 48. cincinnati, 45, they are behind the front that has come through with some showers into the mountains. you can see there's some rain there that stretches farther south d west into eastern kentucky and parts of tennessee. that front is going to be coming through in the next several hours, and we'll see our temperatur drop as the rain
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does pass on through. we'll be peaking right now in our temperatures d dropping back. on tomorrow, it will be in the 30s. a big change coming in. we'll take a look at the forecast coming in. wednesday, thanksgiving, and friday and the weekend. that will be coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you, tom. let's check in now to find out how the midday traffic is rolling around. dan elfor is in for dan. >> we've got the traffic for the thanksgiving holiday showing up for us on i-95 out in springfield already. the stop and go traffic rolling down. they've got roadwork set up which doesn't help. 95 southbound before lorn. in silver spring, there's roadwork today. georgia avenue, tied up leaving the roway. where the right lane is closed. no problems out around the beltway at all. pat, back to you. >> thanks, dan.
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today, one of the men charged with killing popular d.c. middle school robert betts will be sentenced. earlier this month the 19th pleaded guilty prosecutors say saunde and betts made plans on line to meet. police say saunders intended to rob the shaw middle school principal. his plea deal calls for a life sentence with 40 years suspended. three other teens have also been charged in the sleigh. one of them, lancaster, has also pleaded guilty. there is finally closure in the chandra levy case and now thman convicted of killing her could spend lifebehind bars. they found ingmar guandique guilty. he's charged with two similar attacks in the park. that's where levy's body was
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found in 202 after she disappeared. it was a difficult case because there were no eyewitnesss, no dna, no witnesses, and very are little physical evidence. >> it's not like it is on tv and cases can be complicated and over time detectives working with a goodrosecutor can discover things that were not discoverable in the beginning. >> we did thebest we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> levy's disappearance made headlines when she was romantically linked to californiacongressman gary con different he was once a suspect until they focused in on guandique. guandique will be sentenced in february. this has been painful for levy's parents. her mother said no matter what
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she'll never be free of the pain caused when she lost her daughter in 2001. >> aentence here, the results of the verdict, may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost lamb, missing from our family tree. it's painful. i live with it every day. >> susan levy also thand everyone involved with the trial, including the defse attorneys. our time now is 11:12. south korea's president is warning of retaliation today against north korea. coming up, what sparked this latest tension between the two countrie countries. plus, president obama is promoting the auto industry's successes. we'll tell you about his trip and his messages. and sarah palin doesn't hold back in her new book. ay with us.
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we're following a developing story out of south korea in day. an aillery strike by north korea haski killed two south korean marin and wounded others. the sout quickly returned fire and released fighter jets. they were concting exerces near the border. more than 100 shells landed on the islands sparking fires an sending civians scrambling. southee ya returned fire with
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about 80 shells. north korea has threatened to sume it if south korea crosses the border. at least 350 people are dead and at least another 400 are injured after a stampe during a festival in cambodia. the crowd was celebrating the end of the rainy season when it's believed some spectators fainted, causing massive panic. some tried to leavethe crowd with while others jumped into the river and drowned. they declared thursday the day of mourning. sometimes got drunk on the job. this includes one particular case in which two agents were actually detained by police at bar during a convoy mission. the inspector general's office says it's reviewed 16 alcohol-related incents over three years. they call it a potential
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vulnerability in a, quote, critical national securi mission. today president obama and vice president biden will visit an indiana transmission plant in kokomo. this is part of the white house main street tour. it got more than $400 million in stimulus money. e city also got $600,000 in stimulus funds to renovate downtown sidewalks. chrysler received an emergency $10 billion bailout but hasn't repaid that money yet. the chrysler group ceo and local group president will be on hnd for the presidential tour. remember one woman who said she was exhausted from defending prident obama so much? she's now lost her job. >> i'm exhausted from defending you, the administration, the change and deeply disappointed wi where we're at right now.
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i've been told i voted for a man. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. velma hart was the chief financial officer for an organization based here in maryland. she said she was just laid off as a part of an effort cut experiences. she said she's now going to focus on the positive and look for new opportunities. we wish her well. tom is back wi a look at the weather today. the sun coming out and it is going to be rather nice it's been out since dawn, and now it's gone. >> now you see it, now you don't. >> that's right. big changes are on the way. there they are. live view from the sky watcher camera looking west. we have gone overcast. right no reagan national is at 62 balmy degrees. it's going the feel like summer. it's going to plummet into the 30s by dawn tomorrow. right now we've got a light
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southerly breeze and temperatures are in the 60s. where see the rai where you see this area of blue, this is rain across the panhandle of west virginia. that stretches into western maryland. right now we see a few sprinkles re and then across the potomac river into the panhandle of west virginia. southern and washington county, getting a few sprinkles. these are heading off to the east right now. so loudoun county will likely get a few sprinkles here and a few light showers in theext hour or so. and farther southand west we have some of those others that are showing up in west virginia. now, as we look at the current temperatures, where it's raing, it's in the 50s. but south and east of there, it's into the 40s. it's near 70 in southern maryland. they may hit near 70 there. but these temperatures are probably going to be about the highs for the day as the clouds are beginning to move in. it's only the0s now. in elkin, west virginia, it's 55. look at columbus, ohio.
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it's only 48 degrees. all of it's due to this front that's bee spreading rain across pennsylvania and into western maryland. you can see the rain activity and this band of clor stretching down into eastern kentucky. behind it, the sky has cleared out but it is incredibly cold. chicago now 29 degrees. farther north and west. minneapolis, sta. paul, oy 50. in montana it was 20 below zero. incredibly cold for late november, even there. a wider view showing this other shower activity stretching down. it's associated with this cold front. this ont will rapidly past east today. by dawn tomorrow we'll have it in the 30s thanks to this high cold dry pressure coming in from canada. it will be weakening as it does
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come over during the day on wednesday. give us a settled travel day as well as perhaps in an out of the southland in between washington and atlanta should be all right. farther to the west, a developing low pressure system is going to be spreading a combination of rain, storms, snow, eet, and freezing rain. freezing rain and snow for wisconsin and minnesota and parts of iowa. and right near chicag some rain. and farther south and east of that and south and west there could be thunderstorms. maybe a risk of storms near mississippi valley tomorrow. here for today, though, we'll have increasing clouds, a few passing showers this afternn. these temperatures that were in the 60s now will begin to drop back once the rain commences. and after it clears out tonight, it will really drop. after midnight we'll be down to the mid 30s sunset today, 4:49. sunny tomorrow morning and more clouds building again tomorrow afternoon and evening. highs tomorrow,only, though, in the 40s to near50s. so a big change. thanksgiving day looks to be
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cloudy. might have a sprinkle in the morning. a grear chance of some showers ter sunset thursday evening into friday. highs on thanksgiving, mid-50s. friday, perhaps only the low 50s. and we'll clear out by friday afternoon and evening. saturday and sunday looking dry but chilly and dry first part of next week. that's the way it looks right now. i'll be back with another update in a few nutes. >> are we going to have a little cold turkey? >> oh, yeah. it's going get cold tomorrow morning. that's for sure. >> thank you, tom. let's eck out the rush hour of this midday. dan alpher is with us. >> we're watching the beginning of the thanksgiving rush. out of town already developing along i-95. it begins in springfield. it ts traffic heading down woodbridge plus the roadwork blocking the right lane which adds to the low affic. over in maryland they very workin today on shady grove
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road only blocking one elapse and for now there is no difficult gettinpast it. out around the beltway, without any roadwork today and right now we're looking good as we lost the camera here. back to you. >> thk you, dan. still ahead on "news 4" midday, a pill that could prevent aids. plus, proof you are what you eat. we'll have a rundown of the traditional thanksgiving foods that could o give your skin a healthy glow. and a scare in the air for act actor leonardo dicaprio.
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wi we now know actor leonardo dicaprio was on a plen that made an emergency landing in new york. we also know they found no evidenced that bird strikes caused the engine to fail. it had just left sunday night when pilots saw a flash from one of the engines. pilots dumped fuel over the atlantic and then returned to the airport. none of the 200 actors were hurt. dicaprio thaed the crew and gave them autographed pictures. today donald worrell will return to washington after returning from rome. he will have a special mass over the weekend. worrell was one of 24 new
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cardinals, but only one of two from the united states. on sunday he will celebrate a thanksgiving mass at noon at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. coming up in the next hal hour of "news 4" midday, more on plans for the royal wedding. we now know where and when, but how were those decisions made? we'll tell you. plus, sarah palin's new book. she's not holding back her opinions about lots of thing, including president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. and tom will be back with the latest on some big changes coming our way just in time for thanksgiving.
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. right now on "news 4" dday, two south korean marines are dead after north korea launched an artillery strike on the island of yonge chong. th've threatened more strikes if they cross the nation's disputed border. a train got stuck on the track near burke this morning. there were about 1,500 passengers stuck on the train.
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they're now being tan by cab and bus to the franconia station. one man talks to news 4 about his nearly 4 1/2-hour ordeal just to try to get to work. >> reporter: you left when? >> i left my house at 6:30, dropped my kids off after day care, and here it is, i'll still standing out here. >> reporter: how long did you sit on the track? >> we sat for nearly two hours, and after that we sat at the train station for nearly 1 hour and 15 minutes. earlier reports say they suffered mechanical problems but they have yet to release an official statement. well, royal wedding bells will ring in the spring. prince william and kate middleton will wed at westminster anally in london on friday, ril 29th. it will be the sond biggest wedding in history. >> you might no be surprised to
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hear princeilliam and kate had to get the preferred date past the queen, the prince, and practically parliament. there were members of parliament that were worried it would overshadow a referendum at that time. you can count on it being the event of at last the month. now, the church they selected, you saw a quick shot of westminster abbey, that stirs no controversy. it's o csidered the royal faly's church. if funeral of princess diana was hello there. the queen was married there, and now her grandson will be married there as well. >> this is the date they wanted. they wanted a springwedding. t it's also the feast of st. catherine. that was by chance. but it shows to me prince william won his first battle. he wanted a wedding sooner than later and that's what he got. there's going to be great party
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full of pomp and pageantry the way the brits do it. >> the queen during an annual meeting of anglin leaders. so let's start counting now. the wing takes place 157 days from are today, and while you might think does anyone still care what the royals do? the wed wedding will be broadcast live andt is anticipated 1 billion people will be watchingworldwide. that's it from the news room. pat, back to you in the studio. >> okay. 157 days and counting. >> yep. >> thanks, kimberly. >> sure. >> saudi arabia's king abdullah arrivedor a treatment. he received a blood clot. he made the trip after temporarily handing control of the country to his half brother and heir to the throne. it's not known where he'll be treated. shington state is getting hammered by snow just as the
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thanksving travel peri heats up. the first major snowfall of the season has closed schools and hampered bus service in seattle, and thousands of people are without power. forecasters say the sn should clear out soon, but the frigid temperatures will stick around for a while, which is bad news for thoses who electricity is still out. and seems so early in the season for that, tom. >> well, it really is. and for seattle, too. it's rare that they get snow let alone this early this the season. they get a lot of hills and a traffic accident. it was a terrible situation there for them. farther to the east of there in montana it was 22 2 below zero. an incredibly low air mass that's going to be affecting travel throughout much of the nation. for us here, we've got a little bit of rain to talk about. we see the color of radar there to the north and west of washinon. there is some rain right now in frederick, maryland. that rain is also just about to
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come into lou don county, virginia. a few sprinkles around winchester. and other areas stretch farther to thesouth and west near west virginia. we're in the low to mid-60s. but these are probably going to be the high temps for the day. you see where the rain is falling. it's just in the 50s now. just 54 in frederick. and farther to the west, it's only in the 20s in chicago. the teens up in minnesota and wisconsin right now. and, yes, it's below zero in the dakotas over to the northern rockies. it's quite a cold air mass. we're being brushed by it. i will be arriving later on tonight after a few showers. 30s tomorrow morning with highs in the 50s. clouding up late in the afternoon and tomorrow through thanksgiving day. cloudy, highs mid-50s. might get a shower thursday evening and through midday friday. the weekend looks dry but chilly that's the way it looks right now. pat? >> thank you, tom. sarah palin's n book
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"ameri "america" hitting store shelves tomorrow. she talked about possibly running for president herself in 2012. as nbc nancy o'donnell's reports she doesn't hold back on that discussion either. >> reporter: even before it hits bookstores, sarah palin is all over the airways. in a surprise visit to "dancing with the stars," cheering on daughter bstol. >> well, 22, i am thinking about it. >> reporter: of course, on her own tv reality show. palin, it seems, is everywhere, plugging her book and settling some old scores. >> would you even do another interview with katie couric. >> i swear to you, i will not waste my time with her. >> reporter: her book highlights
11:37 am
heroes like ronald reagan but it also rips the hearts out of some of her opponents. >> how is that healthy changy stuff working out for you. >> reporter:he says, quote, i share the feeling of the almost desperate hope of other americans. ke you, i love my country and want to succeed but a new morning in america hasn't broken over the capital dome. in very personal terms she also questions the president's pate trottism, con cluesing he has a stark lack of faith in american people. some say it offers a blueprint, on how she wld tackle obama, if she runs in 2012. >> certainly this book has all kinds of dog whistles for the se about what her messaging would be if she ran for president. >> reporter: on obama's signature legislative achievement, palin writes we don't consider the health care vote a done deal, not by a long shot. instead it was a clarion cal a
11:38 am
search for action. she talks about hillary clinton's bra-burning military statement. i could have stayed home and baked cookies. >> reporter: palin says some of us lke to bake cooks. some of us think we can do that and still have successful careers. all the buzz and troeshs is likely to produce a best seller but will it help show that palin is qualified for the presidency? >> going negative definitely will definitely help spur sales but voters want to see someone who is soothing, who can project optimism, who seems like an executive instead of taking a swing at anyone who offends them. >> reporter: on tuesday palin will begin a 16-stop tour promoting her book including iowa and south carolina, two states considered key to the republican presidential nomination. we have some breaking new this morning now about a
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high-profile case. test results on a jawbone found in aruba are now in. tourists reportedly found the bone november 12th near a hotel where missing teen natalee holloway was stayed. fror enic experts in the netherlands have been comparing it to her accidental records. she disappeared back in 2005 during a school trip. they now say this jaone found on the beach does not belong to natalie holloway. back here d.c. has a massive budget debt that is fing around half a billion dlaurs. and the mayor vincent gray has warned to try to deal with it massive budget cuts are coming. in his first major speech since winning the may oral race he said funds will have to be cut and the rest nee to be entirely wiped out by the spring. outgoing mayor adrian fenty is expectedo propose the first
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round of cuts sometime this this week. well, many of you may be sitting in traffic during the holiday getaway but check this out. it's the district's daily rush hour that's getting a new honor, if you want to call it an honor. there's a new list out that shows that d.c. has the second worst rush hour flask the nation. maybe not news to a lot of us. the big apple was theonly city to beat us out. new york city did top the list. san francisco followed by d.c. and los angeles, number four, and our neighbors in the city of broerl love, devastation rounded out the top five. and with the expectation of heavy traffic, virginia state police will be out in full force. the agency says 75% of its force will be on patrol beginning at midnight tonight throug midnight sunday, and they're not alone. there is a nationwide initiative under way to reduce traffic and
11:41 am
crash deaths caused by speeding and alcohol. 16 people died in traffic accidents in virginia during thanksgiving holiday week last year. let's check in w to see how the traffic iseading -- going on this tuesday midday. dan alpher is in for jerry edwards with the latest. good morning, dan. >> hey, there, pat. the traffic you were watching on the beltway is the outer loop where e work zone had two lanes closed. that why it's so slow. here we see no traffic in the hov lanes. they're in the proce of turning those around for southbound traffic. should be open here momentarily to get you southbound on i-95. no problems on the wilson. pat, bk to you. >> thanks, dan. questions remain today about how a fire started in a home in northwest washington. a fire that killed one perch. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon in the 3600 block of 16th street near brown street and oak. it took between 60 and 70 fire
11:42 am
fighter s about an hour and a half. firefighters say it could have spread to neighboring row houses because the nearest fire hydrant near 16th and oak didn't work. normally broken hydrants are required to be labeled so crews don't waste their team, but this high dranld was broken and unlabeled. >> the hydrant literally came apart. fortunately it didn't have much impact on our fire-fighting capability. >> fortunately they d enough water in their trucks and there was another hydrant close by. this isn't the first issue. there is a pending $30 million lawsuit against the ty's water & sewer authority, a suit filed by a woman. she claims that's what caused her mansion to burn down in the summer of 2009. >>still ahead on "news 4" midday, the dow is falling fast this morning. we'll have the latest numbers
11:43 am
from wall street. plus, hope for healthy-looking skin. we're going to tell you how
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toy marks a very special occasion for the ihop restaurant
11:46 am
chachb chain. at 6:00 this morning it opened its 1,500th store. they'reiving 1,500 customers free pancakes. the grabbed opening celebrations also include pastry chefs who are creati d.c. monument replicas, edible ones. culinary students are also expected to get a donation today. the economy grew slightly faster last summer than first thought, but this morning stocks are falling st. let's check in now with cnbc's courtney reagan. she joins us live with more on that and the rest of today's business headlines. good morning, courtney. >> good morning. the stocks are really sliding. down 174 points here. it's on global worries. first we've got europe's debt crisis and the reports of squirmishes between south and north korea.
11:47 am
that's setting markets into a tailspin. they dropped on the news of rising tension in their region. ireland may t be able to pass new tough measures. europe is having trouble too. now, the u.s. economy gw at a 2.5% annual rate during the first quarter. that is faster than the original estimate of a 2% growth but unfortunately it's not enough to move the needle on the stocks today. existing home sales fell by 2.2%. it's more than expected. wall street bracing for more fbi raids. w, agents descended monday on the midtown offices here in manhattan of level global investors, diamond and others. the fbi is saying mum about the investigation other than to say it's ongoing. they say they're taking a more
11:48 am
aggrsive approach to investment fraud. walmart says it will match prices of any rival on black friday as it tries to re-establish its reputation as the holiday price leader. it will outline its own holiday deals. it proms to meet or beat any competitors' prices. bring on the holiday shopping wars. back to you. >> thank you courtney. >> thank you. >> well, thanksgiving is just about here. how about this? eat your way to beautiful skin from the sweet potatoes to the pukins to the turkey, food should b an important part of your beauty regimen. d.c. cheryl burgess was explaining toe how your thanksgiving meal could make you look better. we're going to welcome her here. this is traditionally the day when we gourj ourselves and we don't feel pretty, but the fact of the matter is there's food that we traditionally eat for thanksgiving that is really good. so let's talk about some of the traditional thanksgiving foods that are full of tamins and
11:49 am
antioxidants. >> right. the nutritional supplement. we fort about that. we kind of eat our way to the point of where we want to go to sleep, but, really, it is benefiting us because a lot of people are eating cranberries thathey wouldn't normally eat any other time. >> cranberries. so cranberries which go with this. >> which go with the turkey. turkey is very high in viet man b-1, b 6 and zinc. we can see that antioxidants are beneficial along with the minerals that we get from our diet. >> okay. so we've got cranberries, which you're right. we're eating them once a year. >> we should be eating them more. >> what about sweet potatoes and pumpkin. >> sweet potato and pumpkin are very, very hgh in bait a
11:50 am
keratin and sweet potatoes are known to have what we call phytoestrogens or hormones. sweet potatoes, broccoli, they're excellent for the skin and we find that estrogens make the skin look better whereas antigens are thesource of acne and problems andishes we have wi with the skin. people will substitute soy f a lot of the food ingredients that we use on a daily basis if they don't eat meat or turkey, they may eat soy, so thas very, very good. >> again, the turkey, you're going to eat it fried or roasted. we're going to eat it stuffed -- >> your vitamin bs. excellent zinc source. zinc is very helpful for the skin. it's almost anti-microbiaanti-m meaning it helps bacteria and
11:51 am
other uissues that can happen o the skin, so that's agreat, great are source. >> so the turkey is better than the chicken or duck? >> well, we find a nutritional source with all of the poultry, but because most people eat turkey on thanksgiving, consume it -- consume lots of it because it's good for you. it can make you feel tired and sleepy, but it's good as far as nutritional value. >> okay. now red wine i understand is good for your skin. >> yes, in two ways. one of the first ways that cleopatra beautified her skin was soakin rags in red wine and applying compresses to her fe. we don't tend to do that nowadays because we have chemical peeling and glycolic acid, and it's the acids in the wine that help the skin, but drinking it, we found that resveratrol is a potent antioxidant that's found red
11:52 am
wine, and now it's being incorporated in skin care products and so it's very, very helpful. that kind of the latest new buzz with skin care and antiox dents. >> how about mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese. >> maybe a good compress. >> all right. thank you. have a happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> our time is now 11:52. an aids prevention pil plus tom kierein will b [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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we hav a medical break through in "news 4" your health this morning. a pillturns out to be a powerful weapon preventing healthy gay men from catching the virus. scientists found that daily doses cut the by. they account hr more than nearly half of the one million americans living with hiv doctors say condoms are still the first line of defense. let'take a looket a stories we're following. coming up at "news 4" at 4:00, if you plan to head out of town this week, there's a new list that ranks the worst roads in the nation and the top ten are
11:56 am
in our area, two of them. and somemes diet and exercise just aren't enough,so doctors are taking drastic step, performing weight loss surgery on children. you'll hear from one teen who lost 220 pounds and kept the weight off one year after the procedure. also, we want to hear what you think about the tsa pat-downs. way in on the nbc 4 facebook pang. we'll share results with you tonight on "news 4 at 5:00." annow let's get a look at the final weaer. big travel day today. if you're heading north, south, west, our east. may be running into rain if you drive in to the west on interstate 70. right now getting rain in frederick county, washington county, frederick. parts of the shenandoah valley. temperatures ahead of the rain are in 60s, but where it's raining it's in the 50s right now and we do have t front sweeping in from the west that will be coming in with a few
11:57 am
scattered light showers. after that, clearing tonight. much colder tomorrow morning. down into the. afternoon highs near 50 with increasing clouds again. then on thanksgiving day, cloudy. might have a spring the morning. greater chances of showers looks like thursday into friday. both days low and mid-50s. lookg into the weekend. should be sunny both days. very chilly. afternoon highs in the 40s. may make it into the low to mid-50s on monday. that's the way it looks right now. we'll see you tomorrow rning. >> thank you, tom. have a great day. well, if you're not looking forward to a long drive this week o seeing your in-laws, try taking your pets along. according to an associated pet site poll. 47% have taken their pets on vacation in recent years. say they make their trips more enjoyable. almost all of those surveyed said they would take their trips with their pets again. the majority of those who travel
11:58 am
with pets were visiting relatives or friends. about four inen said they also take their pets camping. and you still got to walk them. and that's "news 4" at midday. thanks for jning us this morning. be sure to tune in bat ak 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for all of the latest news. until then, have a great tuesday. see you ter.
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